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Now Available – Seamless Welds

Central Window Systems is always looking for innovative improvements to our expansive range of products, and we’ve got a great number of advancements coming soon for 2024.  The main innovation is the introduction of seamless welds to our products, the latest in window manufacturing technology.

New Machinery

As part of our continuous improvements, we’ve invested in brand-new machinery that will help us continue supplying industry-leading windows, doors, roofs, and lanterns to our installation partners across the country. One of these new machines is our Graf welder, which will allow us to offer seamless welds! We also have cutting-edge Stuga machines, which, along with our expanding workforce, will help us continue getting our partners their PVCu and aluminium home improvement products fast and efficiently. 

What Is A Seamless Weld?

Typically, a standard PVCu window joint is made by welding together the two pieces of molten plastic. This creates a visible plastic sprue of extra material that gets pushed outwards as the weld is made that is shaved off and cleaned, leaving nothing more than a tiny groove or “seam”. However, for those looking for a completely invisible joint, our new Graf seamless welds reverse the process and push the sprue back inside the frame, which creates an entirely seamless weld, also known as a zip weld. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Seamless Weld?

The main advantage of a seamless weld is just that they’re seamless! This makes them ideal for traditional or conservation areas and properties as they can be combined with our high quality woodgrain foils on our PVCu windows and doors. A seamless weld on our flush casement windows with one of our woodgrain foils can look much more like traditional timber windows while having the benefit of incredible modern efficiency and low maintenance requirements. In addition, a key benefit is that the welds do not need to be “penned” in like traditional foiled windows – the technology used means that the weld is continuous and doesn’t require this.

Colours are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners throughout the UK, and the ability to provide a seamless, uninterrupted aesthetic can be just what your customers are looking for. Our new and improved products could be just what you need to get ahead of the competition this coming year.

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“We have been supplying our customers with a seamless weld on cills for sometime.  This investment of this technology into our window and door fabrication means we are now able to offer our customers the latest innovation in window manufacturing to enable them to promote this to their customers and help them differentiate – and at the same time add value” – Martyn

Flush Products With 3 Different Weld Options

With the addition of the soon to come seamless welds, we’ll be able to offer our installer partners flush products in three different finishes: standard, mechanical, or seamless! You will have the opportunity to offer your customers more options than ever before when they are deciding on the best look for their property.

Another benefit of the seamless graf welds is that they result in a stronger weld, leading to a more durable and longer lasting product for homeowners to enjoy. This is because, unlike normal welds, a seamless weld literally melts and presses the two parts together, turning it into one solid product that has no stress points.

Standard Weld

This weld is what the industry has used from the beginning.  A perfectly good weld which is generally “penned in” when a foil product is welded together to ensure that any “show through” is covered.  Generally, the penning will need to be renewed at some point, but it is what the industry has used and is acceptable.  A good choice for many applications, including commercial properties

Mechanical Weld

Using some of the latest window machinery technology, this weld can be used for windows and doors on any property. However, it is particularly popular in “cottage style” properties due to its appearance.  Sometimes referred to as a “timber look” finish, this weld gives the external look of the traditional butt-jointed wooden window.  Visually, the internal part of the window will look like a “Standard” weld.

Seamless Weld

Often referred to as “Graf Weld” due to the name of the manufacturer of the machinery, this is the latest in window and door manufacturing technology, offering an immaculate finish to every corner of the window or door.  Unique in many ways, it eliminates the need for “penning in” like a Standard Weld.  The finish is perfect, and the weld is, indeed, seamless.

“The growth of flush products, in particular, has been incredible, so to be able to offer our customers 3 choices of finishes, whether that’s a standard weld, a mechanical weld and now a seamless weld, means our customers can offer their customers every conceivable option” – Martyn

What Products Will Be Available With A Seamless Weld?

All of the products in the 2800 and Flush range will have a seamless weld option.  We plan to include the 2500 series later in the year. We’re pleased to be able to offer even deeper customisation for our installation partners to coincide with our options for double or triple glazing, hardware, robust colourways, and aluminium or PVCu ranges. 

We are pleased to announce, that with immediate effect, we will be offering our Featured 2800 Series and our Heritage Flush ranges with a seamless weld to our foiled products. This option also includes our already popular Flush Door, which takes this product to another level” – Martyn

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