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Energy Savings Calculator

At Central Window Systems, our windows, doors, roofs, and lanterns are designed with energy efficiency at the forefront. We have a massive collection of home improvement products in a wide variety of styles, but no matter what choice you make, you can provide homeowners with an upgrade to their home’s thermal performance.

Try it out below.

Save On Energy Bills

Our energy savings calculator can help you showcase to customers just how much they could be saving on their energy bills if they were to upgrade. An invaluable sales tool, the calculator can also help to showcase just how wise of an investment new windows and doors can be. But there’s more to energy efficiency than saving on monthly energy bills. By helping a homeowner reduce their energy consumption, they can also benefit from a reduced carbon footprint, which can help improve the environment for all.

On The Go Marketing

The energy savings calculator works on a range of digital devices, such as mobile and laptops so that you can showcase it on the go! It works for our main uPVC window products, including the 2500 heritage chamfered and 2800 heritage sculptured windows. It can be calculated for a variety of housing types and heating like gas or electricity, so all sorts of customers can try it. 

Our uPVC windows and doors can come with your choice of double or triple glazing to suit your energy saving requirements. Their ability to trap heat comes from the powerful modern glazing and intelligently designed profiles. Homeowners with old single glazed windows will likely see the biggest benefit from upgrading, which our calculator can display to them with ease. 

Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

All of our uPVC windows are capable of reaching an ‘A’ or ‘A++’ energy rating, with U-values as low as 0.8. Discover more about our uPVC window range and its unique benefits, including contemporary security features, an incredible range of robust and vibrant colours, and multiple hardware options.

Sign up as a trade partner today and get in touch with us via our contact form, or call us directly on 0121 500 0505 to see if you can get our energy savings calculator tool to help you market your business. All our installation trade partners can benefit from a wide variety of marketing tools, including the Central Hub app, your one-stop shop for all our technical specifications, videos, images, and showroom set pieces.

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