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About Our FRL75 Flat Rooflight

Our FRL75 flat rooflights are available in three different designs: Fixed, Ventilation, and Egress. Each option features a removable PVC cassette which is mechanically attached to the frame to allow for easy glass replacement without affecting the entire unit.

An optional warmproof kerb provides flexibility at the site, as the kerb and skylight can be installed at the same time before the roof covering. This one-step process helps installation take place 50% faster, letting property owners enjoy their FRL75 flat rooflight quickly with expedient lead times.

Slim aluminium frames create a stunning, contemporary appearance perfect for the modern homeowner. Meanwhile, frameless, edge-to-edge glass maximises the amount of natural light in the room. The FRL75 flat rooflight system offers sightlines to the sky above that are truly unbeatable.

Quality Rooflights for Homeowners and the Trade

Our FRL75 Flat Rooflights come with fully insulated click-fit frames. This makes installation an incredibly quick and simple process. There are no fiddly trims, paving the way for a fast, precision fit.

They're available in a full range of RAL colours, so can be manufactured to match the home's existing windows and doors. However, the slim aluminium frames are optimal for classic colours such as black, grey and white.

Furthermore, a combo of 4mm and 6mm stepped units deliver up to 34dB noise reduction. They can enhance any current extension into a bright, quiet and cosy space.

FRL75 flat rooflight cost
  • Design Features
  • Product Options
  • Kerb Options

Design Features


  • Fully concealed chain drive actuators (ventilation option) 24V or 230V
  • Stepped edge units
  • Thermally efficient
  • Will accept triple glazed units up to 42mm
  • Walk on option
  • Low profile
FLR75 Flat rooflight prices near me

Product Options

  • Fixed (standard or walk on) – The FRL75 flat rooflight is thermally efficient and secure to boost natural light.
  • Ventilation – Fitted with a chain drive actuator which allows the rooflight to open up to 360mm to improve interior ventilation.
  • Egress – Rooftop access via 70-degree angle opening with built in gas springs and espagnolette locking.
  • Extensive range of sizes – The FRL75 flat rooflight can be fitted for all sorts of buildings, both big and small.
  • Dual colour powder coating – Get a truly unique design for your FRL75 flat rooflight with a variety of colours that can resist all sorts of weather conditions/
FRL75 flat rooflight cost

Kerb Options

  • Delivered in one piece to minimise site time
  • Chambered construction for superior thermal performance and rigidity
  • Self-aligning internal reinforcement
  • Welded to be waterproof
  • A 4 degree pitch set for
  • Compliance with Building Regulations
  • Prevention of puddles
  • Maximum flex and weight-bearing capabilities
FRL75 flat rooflight prices

Bespoke Thermal Performance

The FRL75 flat rooflight includes bespoke double glazing as standard. No matter the weather, while the FRL75 flat rooflights are closed, they can provide excellent warmth and comfort. The sleek aluminium frames provide additional space for larger panes of glass, offering impressive sightlines that can flood properties with natural light. 

Heavy rain and cold draughts can be kept at bay thanks to the tight weather seals, leading to a dry and cosy interior that still enjoys beautiful views of the skyline. We also have a triple glazing option for our FRL75 flat rooflight, which can protect against even the harshest of winters.

Safe & Secure Design

Our FRL75 flat rooflights come with fully concealed chain drive actuators that hide within the frame. The robust and lightweight aluminium that we use is capable of withstanding hard knocks and sudden blows without warping, cracking, or losing its shape. 

Unwanted intrusions can be kept at bay thanks to the sturdy locking mechanism and double glazing. Plus, the FRL75 flat rooflight comes with excellent interior ventilation, capable of opening up to 360mm.

FLR75 Flat rooflight prices near me
FRL75 flat rooflight prices


We can provide the FRL75 flat rooflight in a massive range of colours and sizes. It’s capable of easily suiting modern homes, schools, office buildings, and more! From small builds to massive skyscrapers, our FRL75 flat rooflight can blend beautifully into any contemporary property.

All our colours are designed to resist fading, capable of withstanding intense weather conditions without cracking or losing their lustre.

Sound Resistant

The thick double and triple glazing options can allow the FRL75 flat rooflight to keep out unwanted sounds. Noisy neighbours and disturbing traffic can be kept at bay while those within the property enjoy peace and quiet, all while experiencing incredible amounts of natural light from above.

FRL75 Flat Rooflight Prices

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FRL75 flat rooflight cost

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