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About Our Classic Conservatories

Enjoy access to a stunning range of conservatory enhancements and enjoy many cost saving and value adding rewards. Our conservatories offer a massive collection of modern features on a classic and familiar framework, including:

  • Traditional or contemporary styling with a wide range of custom designs to suit your property
  • Structurally designed to your postcode for peace of mind
  • A made to measure state of the art conservatory
  • Choice of PVCu or aluminium Classic roof
  • Thermally and structurally proven
  • Made in Britain

Learn more about our stunning style options by leaving your detailed queries with our contact form, and we’ll be happy to showcase what we could do for your classic conservatory project.

Classic Conservatory Features

The classic conservatory uses the latest double glazing and weather resistance technology to create a comfortable and safe extension to any UK home. With our broad range of customisation features, we provide all the tools necessary to build a conservatory that looks and feels the way you want it to.

We can provide our classic conservatory in almost any colour for a truly bespoke design that blends in with the property’s existing windows, walls, or doors. Plus, with your choice of 4 cornices, and contemporary or classic conservatory styles available, even the most modern of new builds or heritage homes can find something.

No matter what the weather, homeowners can style dry and warm thanks to the bespoke double glazing and optional upgrade of super insulated columns alongside the insulated perimeter pelmet.

Conservatory Prices
  • Customisable
  • Thermally Efficient
  • Safe & Secure


From contemporary designs made using high quality aluminium to classic conservatory styles using colourful PVCu, we provide a wide selection of custom designs to suit any property. All our classic conservatories are made to measure and structurally designed to the postcode for peace of mind. 

Our colour schemes are built to last, with durable weather resistance that can help your classic conservatory look its best for years to come with only minimal maintenance. PVCu and aluminium are both durable and lightweight materials that can easily resist warping and cracking even after intense heat or harsh storms.

Conservatory Glass Roof

Thermally Efficient

All our classic conservatory styles are made using modern double glazing to ensure optimal thermal efficiency. The twin panes trap heat between them, preventing it from escaping and allowing homeowners to remain comfortable without the need to rely on central heating as often. This lowering of energy usage could even have the additional benefit of reducing the property’s energy bills and carbon footprint. 

Homeowners can remain warm throughout the year and remain undisturbed from noisy neighbours or loud traffic thanks to our thick glazing noise insulation capabilities. They can enjoy a quiet and peaceful atmosphere while their extension is flooded with natural light. 

Additionally, the PVCu that we offer for our conservatory range is designed with energy efficiency in mind, with the ability to store and trap heat just like the large panes of glazing used for the roof and walls. The slim sightlines of aluminium also provide extra space for our bespoke glazing while not compromising the structural integrity of the conservatory, offering even more powerful thermal performance.

Classic Conservatory Prices

Safe & Secure

We take the security of homeowners seriously, which is why we provide industry leading locking mechanisms to keep unwanted intrusions away. The tough double glazing can withstand sudden knocks, and the French door handles come with various hardware options that look great and offer optimal protection and performance throughout any weather.

Choose between a variety of roof options for your classic conservatory, including pitched glazing or solid shingles. Discover more about our available security and hardware options by contacting us today or giving us a call on 0121 500 0505.

Conservatory prices near me
  • Classic Conservatory Prices

Classic Conservatory Prices

Design your classic conservatory today and get an free trade quote. For more information about our conservatory range, call us now on 0121 500 0505<#/b> or fill out our online contact form. Interested in becoming an installer? Sign up today and benefit from our full product portfolio and Central Hub services.

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