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Smart Key Finding Technology

With the Ultion KeyTag, your customers can easily track their key’s location using a variety of robust, high-tech features. By reducing the chance of losing the door key, our compatible doors automatically become more secure against unwanted intrusions. 

The Ultion KeyTag has various functions to prevent key loss. First, at the click of a button on the ‘Apple Find My’ app, the KeyTag will sound an alarm to indicate the key’s position. Additionally, the ‘Find My’ app will display the exact location of the key or the last time it was near another Apple device. 

But what if there was a way to prevent key loss in the first place? Well, with Ultion, there is! If the KeyTag is left behind, it can send a notification straight to the paired mobile device, making the user aware that they are leaving their key behind.

Why Central Window Systems?

Central Window Systems was established in 1982, and since then, it has developed into a massive fabricator of PVCu and aluminium products throughout the Midlands. As a proud supplier of Deceuninck, AluK, and other highly accredited windows and doors, Central can offer a wide variety of double glazed products to suit all sorts of projects and customers.

We’re proud to offer our partners more than quality double glazing, however. Our extensive marketing support includes access to the digital Central Hub, an easy-to-use app filled with our technical guides, high-quality imagery, and more. Beyond standard marketing materials, we also offer trade partners bespoke online tools, such as a comprehensive digital quoting engine, the Deceuninck energy savings calculator, and our new QR code systems.

Our commitment to progress has resulted in us now being able to offer three unique finishes thanks to our brand-new machinery investments. We can provide standard, flush, and seamless finishes for our PVCu flush casement windows. All at expedient lead times.

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Style Options

Homeowners are offered a wide array of colours, allowing them to express their unique style or complement their home’s aesthetic. The five distinct colour schemes not only add a personal touch but also serve as a means of distinguishing their Ultion KeyTag from others, making them feel truly special. Additionally, the vibrant colour schemes help the KeyTag to stand out versus other keys, making them much more eye-catching from a distance.

There is even a glow-in-the-dark option, making the very colour of the key another anti-loss feature!

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Secure Design

Unlike many other tracking tags that are attached to the original key via a keychain, the Ultion KeyTag is the literal key itself. The durable, lightweight key is compatible with the Ultion locks, letting homeowner customers enjoy an industry-leading lock with a cutting-edge key. 

Your customers won’t need to carry around additional baggage with this key. Plus, its long-lasting battery is fully replaceable, and the app can even send users a notification when it gets low, letting customers have total peace of mind exactly where they stand.

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Fully Compatible

Because the Ultion KeyTag is fully compatible with the Apple ‘Find My’ app, it can work with a vast network of millions of devices to help it be found if ever lost. If left in a car, locker, cafe, or anywhere else near another Apple device, the device can send an encrypted signal to other nearby phones. The signal is then sent to the iCloud, making it possible to view the signal location on the ‘Find My Ultion’ app. 

All the data is completely anonymous, making it so only the KeyTag owner can see the location of the KeyTag, and the owner cannot see the other Apple devices. The function is designed to be energy efficient and uses minimal data.

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Why Choose Central Window Systems?

Experience Matters

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, we are a stable company who will be here to support you in the years to come.

Highest Quality

Exceptional product quality is a prerequisite at Central Window Systems. We offer the most advanced window and doors available on the market.

Professional Standards

Delivering products to you on-time, in full and in pristine condition ensuring your professional installation is completed with the support you expect from your supplier.

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