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For installers, rooflights have become big business in recent years – providing a valuable way to upsell, make more margin, and stand out from the crowd.

But many looking to enter this lucrative market for the first time understandably have questions – and one of the most common is whether homeowners need planning permission before they can be installed.

The good news is that mostly, the answer is no. The vast majority of door and window installations – including roof window products like lanterns – are covered by permitted development rights. In other words, you’re allowed to fit them without asking local government first.

However, to avoid the need for planning permission, a roof lantern installation has to fit the following criteria.

  • It must not be over 150mm higher than the existing roof
  • It can’t be higher than the tallest part of the existing roof
  • It shouldn’t be over 4 metres from the ground
  • If it’s on the side elevation of a sloping roof, it has to use obscure glass to maintain privacy

If installing a roof lantern would involve any of the above, your customer will have to seek planning permission for the installation to go ahead.

There are also important exceptions to these rules. The first concerns conservation areas. If the property in question lies within a conservation area, the rules governing alterations will be much stricter. In this instance, it’s vital the customer consults with the local authorities before proceeding with work.

Even if a property isn’t in a conservation area, it’s possible it may have been subject to an Article 4 direction. If it has, it’s likely that alterations that would normally be allowed under permitted development rights might require a planning application.

Finally, if a customer wants to install a roof lantern on an extension that’s been previously made to the property, there may be complications. It’s possible that the extension was granted with conditions attached – potentially ones that may prohibit the installation of products like roof lanterns.

Two other important things to note – the first is that these rules apply to houses. Other rules apply to flats, maisonettes and conversions.

Secondly, while these broad principles are likely to apply in most parts of the country, planning rules differ around the country, so it’s important to always check local guidelines before starting work.

Ultrasky Roof Lantern

At Central, we’re proud to offer one of the leading roof window products on the market – the Ultrasky Roof Lantern.

Ideally suited for extensions and orangeries, it’s an excellent way of capitalising on huge demand for products that let in natural light, and help bring the outside in.

With its strong and thermally insulating central ridge, it requires fewer bars than other systems, allowing for more uninterrupted glass, and better views.

The rectangular Ultrasky Roof Lantern comes in widths of 1000-2000mm, and lengths of 1500-4000mm, with a 25 degree pitch on all four sides. The central glazing bar is available in either white PVCu or aluminium, allowing it to be tailored to the look and character of a property.

If you’re interested in entering the valuable roof window market, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Central Window Systems today!

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